Terms of Service

This policy outlines the Golden Frog terms and conditions of usage. By signing up with and/or utilizing any Golden Frog service, you agree to be bound by the following terms of this document and the terms of the other named policies included herein by reference and to keep updated on changes as these policies may change at any time.

Outfox Accounts:

For Terms of service specific to Golden Frog's Outfox service, please visit https://www.getoutfox.com/terms-of-service.

Reasonable Use Policy:

Golden Frog desires all members reasonably use its service. To that end, any customer who puts unreasonable demands upon the service may be curtailed in order to ensure the best possible service for all members.

If a member appears to be unable to maintain a reasonable use of the service, or engages in any Prohibited Activities provided for below, Golden Frog may cancel, suspend or decline to renew service for that member without notice. A termination fee may also be assessed. It is within Golden Frog's sole discretion to determine what comprises unreasonable use.

Individual VyprVPN Accounts:

VyprVPN accounts are not dedicated connections and are for single user, individual use only. Any non-individual use, or any use that is indistinguishable from non-individual use, is prohibited. For example, the following uses are prohibited under this section:

  • Sharing a login between people
  • Use of more simultaneous connections than allowed under your subscribed VyprVPN account type

Prohibited Activities:

VyprVPN is a zero log VPN Service. Golden Frog does not record or retain any user data when you use the VyprVPN Service.

Golden Frog prohibits the use of any of its services in any of the following ways:

  • Spamming (e-mail, Usenet, message boards, etc.)
  • Copyright, trademark, and patent infringement.
  • Defamatory or abusive language that advocates bigotry, religious, racial or ethnic hatred.
  • Publishing or sharing materials that are unlawfully pornographic or indecent
  • IP Spoofing
  • Illegal or unauthorized access to other computers or networks
  • Distribution of Internet viruses, worms or other destructive activities
  • Export control violations
  • All other illegal activities

Prohibited use of the VyprVPN service can result in an immediate termination of your services.

Copyright Infringement and Illegal Content

Golden Frog cannot and does not review the information flowing through its services. You are responsible for determining the legal status of anything you use or copy through any Golden Frog service.

See the Golden Frog Copyright Policy for information on how Golden Frog handles notices of copyright infringement. The Golden Frog Copyright Policy is incorporated by reference.

Golden Frog is a member of the Internet Watch Foundation and any reported criminal online content from the Internet Watch Foundation will be removed immediately.

See the Golden Frog Privacy Policy for information on how Golden Frog handles civil and criminal investigations. The Golden Frog Privacy Policy is incorporated by reference.

Indemnify and Hold Harmless:

You are responsible for all actions that occur regarding your account. As a condition of service, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless Golden Frog, its officers, employees, agents, shareholders and partners for any cause of action out of your account with use or your use of the service.

Free Trial

From time to time, we may offer trials of Golden Frog services for a specified period of time without requiring a payment (a "Free Trial"). We reserve the right, in our absolute discretion, to determine your eligibility for a Free Trial, and to withdraw or to modify a Free Trial at any time without prior notice and with no liability.

For a Free Trial, we'll require you to provide your payment details in order to start the Free Trial. At the end of the Free Trial, we will automatically start to charge you for the subscribed Golden Frog service on a recurring monthly or annual basis depending on your subscription type. By providing your payment details in conjunction with the Free Trial, you agree to this charge. If you decide that you do not want to become a paying user of the Golden Frog service, prior to the end of the Free Trial period you must terminate the service using our online Control Panel located at http://www.goldenfrog.com/.

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you purchase an account with a thirty (30) day money-back guarantee and cancel within thirty (30) days of your first payment because you were not satisfied with the service, you may request a full refund. This applies to both annual and monthly subscriptions. Please note that Free Trial accounts are not eligible for the 30-day money-back guarantee.

VyprVPN Refer a Friend program

Give a Month, Get a Month

VyprVPN subscribers with an active, paid account can participate in VyprVPN's Refer-A-Friend program ("RAF Program"). To participate, refer friends who have never previously had a VyprVPN service ("New User") by sending them your personal referral link ("Referral Link"), available at https://www.goldenfrog.com/controlpanel/vyprvpn/refer-a-friend. For a New User who (1) accesses your Referral Link, (ii) completes the sign-up process for any paid VyprVPN account, (iii) activates their free month of VyprVPN service and (iv) immediately after the completion of the free month, pays for any VyprVPN service, Golden Frog will, within a reasonable amount of time, post to your account a credit equal to the monthly value of your current account level.

General Terms

Golden Frog may provide various tools to help you disseminate your Unique Referral Link. You may also share your Unique Referral Link via email and social media. Golden Frog reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue the RAF Program, either temporarily or permanently (or any part thereof), with or without notice. Golden Frog will not be liable to you in the event of any modification, suspension or discontinuance of the RAF Program. Any fraud or abuse can result in the immediate termination of your account.

Refund Policy:

No refunds will be considered for accounts deleted for violation of our Terms of Service.

Termination of Service:

Golden Frog reserves the right to suspend, terminate, or refuse service to anyone at any time for any reason.


Please note, for our customers residing in the United States or Canada, our affiliated company, Golden Frog, Inc. will be processing your payments. All other customer payments will be processed directly by Golden Frog, GmbH.

Your service will automatically be renewed at the end of each service period, repeating the length of the previous service period, unless you cancel. You can upgrade your service, downgrade your service, or cancel your service by using our online Control Panel located at:


All accounts are renewed automatically until a cancellation request is received.


Your Golden Frog service can only be cancelled, by the required times specified below, by using our online Control Panel located at:


Service cancellations must be entered prior to the end of the current service period in order for them to take effect before the service's next renewal. Cancellations will take effect at the end of the service period in which they are submitted. Services renew at or shortly after 12:00 AM midnight, US Central Time, on their renewal date.

Policy Changes:

Golden Frog reserves the right to revise, supplement or rescind any of our policies or terms of service at any time, without prior notice. It is the member's sole responsibility to remain informed of our current Terms of Service including all other named policies included by reference therein.

Acceptance of Terms:

By logging in to any Golden Frog service, you agree to the Golden Frog Terms of Service including all other policies incorporated by reference.